Shrimp Salmon asian salad

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This is a salad that I make very often, because of how simple it is to prepare.


  • Raw salmon
  • Shrimp
  • Avocado
  • Spinach or any other green you have
  • Mango (optional)
  • For the sauce: Peanut butter (just a bit), sesame oil, fresh ginger and lemon

Just mix it all together and enjoy it!



Tropical Salmon Ceviche

Last sunday I went to an asian restaurant in Key Biscayne with a friend and she ordered this asian inspired tuna ceviche that had mango, and it was so delicious that I tried to replicate the recipe.

Since I didn’t have tuna I decided to do it with salmon. This recipe is so fresh and tasty that I did it twice this week! It’s really quick to make and you can have it as an appetizer, lunch or dinner. If you have a freezer at work you can even have it for lunch, just use two separate containers, one for the salmon and another one for the rest, and just mix it al lunch time.

First I chopped in small cubes all the vegetables (red onion, red and green bell pepper) and the mango, I put it all in the same bowl along with some fresh cilantro and some garlic, afterwards I added 1/4 lime juice, ponzu sauce and some hot sauce. I left this mix in the freezer while I was cutting the salmon into cubes of about 1 inch and put it in the freezer as well.

To make my meal a little more complete, since I had it for lunch, I made jasmine rice, I really like the aroma while it cooks, it’s like being transported to asia.

As a last step I tried to make a little tower with all the ingredients but it didn’t come out properly, however it was delicious. My ceviche had a bed of jasmine rice, then the chopped vegetables and on the top salmon.

The reason I don’t like to mix the salmon with the rest of the ingredients it’s because I like to eat raw, and the lime of the vegetables will cook it if you leave for a while.

I hope some of you try this recipe! One of my favorites.

Pineapple ginger green smoothie

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Every morning while I make my green juice my boston terrier puppy, Kala, gets super exited because she’s a fruit lover like me! You have to see her, she goes crazy with the smell of fresh fruit, she jumps up and down until I give her some; fruits are a great treat for when I train her, specially green apple.

This morning I tried a new combination of fruits for my green smoothie, the ingredients were:

1 cup baby spinach

1/2 cup pineapple

1 clementine ( It’s like a tangerine but smaller and sweeter, Kala loves them!)

A pinch of fresh ginger

Water and a couple of ice cubes (just enough for the blender to work properly)

My smoothie came out amazing! It was super fresh and the touch of ginger gave it a nice kick at the end.

Let me know if you try it!

Green Morning Goodness

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I like to call this green juice, morning goodness because every time I drink it I cal feel all the benefits from the fruits and spinach working.

I always try to start my day with a green smoothie before hitting the gym, so I can have enough strength to have a good work out, this baby is really simple to make; what I do to have a better measure and not waste any ingredients is that I put all the ingredients inside the glass I’m going to use to drink it, in this case was a Bell Mason Jar 500 ml.


Half a banana, one cup of baby spinach, 1/2 cup of pineapple, 1/2 cup of mango and 1 spoon of chia seeds.

A word of advise when making green smoothies, sometimes bananas can overpower the rest of the fruits, that’s why I only use half of it, I still like to use them in almost all my recipes because it bring a sweet flavor like no other fruit.

Hope you enjoy it!

Morning fruits


I always try to eat fruits in the morning with my breakfast and this is just a fun way to serve, them not only for you but for someone spacial. I served this for my fiancée who doesn’t always like to eat fruits but this was fun so he really enjoyed it.

Salmon and shrimp tartare

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I always like to buy at least 2 lbs of salmon, cut it into individual portions and freeze it, that way I always have some in hand for when I don’t really feel like cooking an elaborate meal.

I made this tartare for dinner with my boyfriend, we are both trying to lose a little weight and this recipe it’s perfect to have for dinner because it’s very light and very tasty.

For this I used: Raw salmon, cooked shrimps (the ones you buy in the store that come frozen already peeled), red onion, cilantro, soy sauce, fish sauce and little bit of hot sauce, and I topped it with a few slices of kiwi for decoration.