Tropical Salmon Ceviche

Last sunday I went to an asian restaurant in Key Biscayne with a friend and she ordered this asian inspired tuna ceviche that had mango, and it was so delicious that I tried to replicate the recipe.

Since I didn’t have tuna I decided to do it with salmon. This recipe is so fresh and tasty that I did it twice this week! It’s really quick to make and you can have it as an appetizer, lunch or dinner. If you have a freezer at work you can even have it for lunch, just use two separate containers, one for the salmon and another one for the rest, and just mix it al lunch time.

First I chopped in small cubes all the vegetables (red onion, red and green bell pepper) and the mango, I put it all in the same bowl along with some fresh cilantro and some garlic, afterwards I added 1/4 lime juice, ponzu sauce and some hot sauce. I left this mix in the freezer while I was cutting the salmon into cubes of about 1 inch and put it in the freezer as well.

To make my meal a little more complete, since I had it for lunch, I made jasmine rice, I really like the aroma while it cooks, it’s like being transported to asia.

As a last step I tried to make a little tower with all the ingredients but it didn’t come out properly, however it was delicious. My ceviche had a bed of jasmine rice, then the chopped vegetables and on the top salmon.

The reason I don’t like to mix the salmon with the rest of the ingredients it’s because I like to eat raw, and the lime of the vegetables will cook it if you leave for a while.

I hope some of you try this recipe! One of my favorites.


One thought on “Tropical Salmon Ceviche

  1. Oo, yum, this looks delicious! So many of my all-time favorite things (mango, cilantro, sriracha, lime, and salmon sashimi) all in one place! I am a sucker for raw salmon, and prefer it even better before it gets ceviche-fied with lime juice, like you said you do. Definitely a lovely idea for a way to mix things up a little with raw salmon!

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