Seared tuna with pineapple chutney


I love to eat raw fish, I think it’s my favorite way to eat fish, so I decided to buy a couple of red tuna steaks that looked really good and had a really nice color.

This I something really easy to make, except for the pineapple chutney, is not that it’s difficult but it take some time.

First I coated the tuna steaks with sesame seeds and fresh ground black pepper and seared it for about 2-3 min per side in a really hot pan, when it was done I put it in the freezer to cool it while I made the chutney.

For the chutney, I used fresh pineapple cut in little cubes, cinnamon and cloves, and rice vinegar; first I sautéed the pineapple in a little bit of butter and added the rest of the ingredients and left it about 40 min at low heat to reduce it. When making this you don’t want to over doit with the vinegar and you want to reduce it as much as possible to have a really nice sweet flavor.

I accompanied this dish with some jasmine rice and a ripe avocado to help clean the palate in each bite.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes for you!

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