Oven roasted lamb chops

Lamb chops

On Sundays I like to eat really good, I don’t know if it is because when I used to live in Venezuela, Sundays where to go out and eat in a nice restaurant with my family, or because  I feel I don’t need to “diet” since is rest day! But any way, my point is that I cooked this late lunch on a sunday while I was living in Kalamazoo, MI.

This menu consisted of:

Oven roasted lamb chops, with rosemary, salt and pepper. I love to eat my lamb really simple so I can taste flavor of the meat; and lamb is one of my favorites.

As a side, we had oven roasted potatoes with the same ingredients as the lamp, and I actually cooked them in the same pan as the lamb; the other side I prepared for this meal, were boiled green beans (about 4-5 minutes) with a touch of truffle oil and parmesan Reggiano.

It turn out to be a great meal that we accompanied with a glass (maybe 2 or 3) of a nice argentine Malbec.

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